Client Success

Jillian F:

“Never give up, never give in. Last year, around this time, I felt great. In shape, ready for summer and boating season, confident in my self and my body. And then I took progress photos this month, 1 year later. And I’m ecstatic and surprised and amazed- at how much stronger, leaner and fitter I’ve become. Two years of hard work and pushing myself with training and maintaining my nutrition with the help of CMG Health & Fitness! I feel so good, and am so proud of myself for how far I’ve come! (Remember when I first started training with you and I couldn’t even hold a wine bottle with my left hand). Life is good!”

Chrissy’s note: In January 2015, Jill suffered a complete fracture of her left humerus, which ended up leaving her with nerve damage so bad that she could barely grip things with her left hand. She’s left-handed, so it was especially tough!! What started as regaining strength and getting ready for her wedding, turned into 2+ years of amazing progress and hard work. She currently benches 90lbs, squats 140lbs, and deadlifts 175lbs!


L-R: Feb 2016, Apr 2017, Apr 2018

Sara S:

“Chrissy was so great to work with and I’m so glad I signed up with her. I was already in a habit of working out but I wanted to add more strength training and focus my nutrition. She helped me increase my veggie intake and protein intake. Her approach to nutrition is intuitive and non-destructive, which worked well for me. I gained strength as well as lost 10 pounds and multiple inches on my hips and waist. I not only looked and felt great for my wedding day but I formed habits that I will continue to work on forever. I am so grateful for my time with Chrissy.”

Left side in each photo is the before (Feb 2019); right side is the after! (Aug 2019)


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