Client Success

Jillian C.

In January 2015, Jill suffered a complete fracture of her left humerus, which ended up leaving her with nerve damage so bad that she could barely grip things with her left hand. She’s left-handed, so it was especially tough!! What started as regaining strength and getting ready for her wedding, turned into 2+ years of amazing progress and hard work. She currently benches 90lbs, squats 140lbs, and deadlifts 175lbs. We’ve also gotten her nutrition on point, and she still enjoys going out on her boat and eating her favorite foods all summer long. I never restrict my clients…we figure out how to fit everything in! Jill got to this point without EVER counting calories!

Her words:

“Never give up, never give in. Last year, around this time, I felt great. In shape, ready for summer and boating season, confident in my self and my body. And then I took progress photos this month, 1 year later. And I’m ecstatic and surprised and amazed- at how much stronger, leaner and fitter I’ve become. Two years of hard work and pushing myself with training and maintaining my nutrition with the help of CMG Health & Fitness! I feel so good, and am so proud of myself for how far I’ve come! (Remember when I first started training with you and I couldn’t even hold a wine bottle with my left hand). Life is good!” -Jillian C.

L-R: Feb 2016, Apr 2017, Apr 2018
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