Friday Faves: Birthday Edition!

Happy Friday!!! This was a super exciting week because…..I turned 26 yesterday! Cue all the grandma jokes (which Tim has been generous with, even though he’s only ONE YEAR younger than me…)

Love these snapchat filters. P.S. follow me! Username is ‘cahrissay’
Birthday flowers from the fam!

My best friend of 20 years ALSO turned 26 this week, on Sunday! When there’s no leap year, we’re only 3 days apart! Obviously destined to be BFFAEAEAE 😉 Love you Ari!!


I’ll be celebrating my birthday all weekend, with my girlfriends tonight, my boyfriend Tim tomorrow, and my family on Sunday! Got a packed weekend ahead of me, but you’ll have to wait until next week to hear about it! Let’s get into this week’s recap:

Favorite Fitness/Nutrition Articles:

Best Workout Nutrition Strategies via Precision Nutrition

Be Great: The Day I Became A Powerlifter via Girls Who Powerlift

Seasonal Allergies and GI Inflammation via Kate Scarlata, The Well-Balanced FODMAP-er

4 Way Hypermobile Clients Can Improve Their Training via Eric Cressey

Favorite Non-Fitness Related Articles:

25 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets About “The Bachelor” via Buzzfeed

How to Manage Your Time and Maintain Your Sanity via StoneColdBetch

Favorite Exercise of the Week:

Barbell Hip Thrust w/ Pause

Oooooh yeah. Feel the glute burn with these babies! I told my coach that 2016 was going to be the year of “how big can my butt get”, so I’ve been doing lots of glute work. Every single workout I do at least one glute specific exercise. I love barbell thrusts, but adding the pause to them give it a little something extra. These were tough and I had a nice lil butt pump for the rest of the day! Love em!

Favorite Activity:

Last Saturday, Tim and I checked another thing off our “Boston Bucketlist”. We climbed the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown! It was a gorgeous, clear day and the view from the top was amazing. It was a little chilly, but we survived. It was 294 steps up (and then back down), and we were definitely feeling the leg burn! My legs were shaking on the way down!

On Sunday we also took a walk through my favorite part of Boston-The Boston Public Garden and Boston Common. I love the Make Way For Ducklings Statues, and I always get a picture with them. Tim loves going to the dog park and playing with all the dogs that are always running around. This week we made friends with the cutest corgi named Maggie!

Saturday night I went out to celebrate Ari’s birthday and we had a blast! Didn’t take any pictures, unfortunately, but here’s a shot of the gift I got her. Selfie cookies with my favorite picture of us 🙂 I thought it was a fun and different idea!


Currently Reading:

I’m still working my way through Lone Survivor, which I’m hoping to finish this week. Next I want to read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, which I’ve heard great things about. Has anyone read it?

Currently Netflixing:

I binge-watched all of Fuller House last weekend and I loved it. Brought back so many memories of the original show, which I was a hug fan of growing up. I thought they did a great job with the reboot. It was cute and cheesy and I loved every single one of DJ’s outfits. Now I’m back to Charmed, which will take me awhile to get through since I’m only on season 2 of 8! Anyone have any good recommendations for shows?


Favorite Bachelor Moment:

Ben and Lauren’s date with the baby sea turtles. OMG so cute. I have always wanted to release sea turtles into the wild like that. What an amazing idea for a date! And yes, I shed a few tears when Caila was eliminated. She was my favorite! Caila for Bachelorette!


That’s all for this week! Unfortunately I didn’t try any new recipes, but I have a few lined up for next week that I’m dying to try! I’m going to get get ready for my big birthday celebration now, wish me luck as I attempt to give myself a blow-out! Yikes!

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