Friday Faves: March 18

Happy Friday!! This was a tough week for me…I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and spent the entire week freaking out about it. One thing you may not know about me is that I am absolutely terrified of the dentist. I mean, I don’t think anyone really exactly enjoys going to the dentist, but for me it sends me into fits of anxiety (even just going in for a normal cleaning!) So needless to say, this week was not that fun for me. But I survived, and I’m at home at my parent’s house resting for the weekend. Here’s a pic of me from yesterday:

Note the green sparkly bow. Still gotta be festive!

Side note: when I was being prepped for surgery yesterday, I was hooked up to a bunch of monitors. I was SITTING IN A CHAIR and my heart rate was 133. Like, damn Chrissy. Relax.

Favorite Health and Fitness Articles:

How To Track Macros When Eating Out via Biolayne

The 3 Absolute Worst Health and Fitness Goals You Must Avoid via Precision Nutrition

Social Sabotage: How to Respond to Criticism About Your Food and Exercise via Girls Gone Strong

Building Core Control with “The Bear” via Mike Robertson for Eric Cressey

Sleep Deprivation and It’s Effects on Fat Loss via CMG Health and Fitness

Favorite Non-Fitness Articles

I Auditioned For ‘The Bachelor’ and This Is What Happened via Hello Giggles

How Ignoring Your Passion Could Secretly Be Triggering Your Anxiety via Elite Daily

Favorite Recipe of the Week

This week I attempted Zucchini Lasagna since I wasn’t meal-prepping. I’ve been wanted to make this for awhile, so  finally got all the ingredients and gave it a go. And Holy hell it turned out 1000x better than I expected! It tasted just like normal lasagna! I used this recipe via SkinnyTaste and just tweaked it a little bit. I did meatless, since growing up I never had meat in lasagna. I also didn’t use any onion. Garlic and onion are two big no-nos when it comes to the FODMAP diet, so I only used one (the garlic) so this wouldn’t kill my stomach toooo bad. Obviously, dairy makes me pretty bloaty too, but I decided to make that sacrifice for this! Will definitely be adding this to the recipe rotation!


Favorite Training Moment of the Week

My bench is so inconsistent. Some days I’ll feel awesome, some days I’ll feel like even just the bar is super heavy. So this week I was pleasantly surprised to hit 105×5! Video here!

Currently Reading

Two Down by Tony DiBona. Tony is a member of my gym and is also a published author! I downloaded his two books onto my kindle a while ago, but I finally started the first one while I was resting yesterday, So far, so good!


Currently Netflixing

Jumping around a lot this week-Charmed, Grey’s Anatomy, Law and Order: SVU, and Love are all on my wisdom teeth-recovery list!

Favorite Activity

Last weekend, my boyfriend Tim and I traveled to his hometown of Pittsfield, MA to visit with his family. I love going out to Pittsfield (which is pretty much as western MA as you can get), because it’s always so relaxing. It’s good to get out of the city once in awhile! We went for a hike with his adorable dog Sophie, relaxed in the hot tub, and had some awesome food! Check out some pics below!

Favorite Bachelor Moment

Well, the finale was this week! I think we all knew that Lauren was going to win, although towards the end I started pulling for Jojo! But Ben and Lauren are so cute together, and obviously so in love. I hope it works out for them! One thing I’m NOT happy about is Jojo as the new bachelorette! They were reporting that it was Caila, and I loved her. She already filmed all her intro stuff! I feel bad that she isn’t going to be doing it. Jojo will certainly be entertaining though. I can’t wait to see her brothers scare everyone away!


That’s all for this week! I’m off to put more ice on my chubby cheeks! Hope everyone has an awesome, and safe weekend and great week ahead!

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