110 Things That Make Me Happy

It’s the end of what is normally my favorite month of the year. I’ve always loved March for many different reasons-my birthday month, end of winter/start of spring, spring break (when I was in college), St. Patrick’s Day, sometimes Easter. March is usually full of celebration. This year was different, however, because of my dreaded wisdom tooth surgery and because turning 26 meant signing up for my own health insurance (yes I’ve stayed on my dad’s…he has great insurance, sue me). I spent most of this month being worried, stressed, scared, and crying myself to sleep more often than I’d like to admit. Now that all that bad stuff is behind me, I can already feel a physical change. I’m sleeping better, worrying less, and looking forward to things in my future.

I’m doing spring cleaning on my emotional and mental health. Focusing on things that make me happy, instead of stressing out over little things. And I’m starting by writing a list of everything that makes me happy. This list is in no particular order.

  1. Warm weather-but not hot
  2. Curling up with a good book
  3. Taking a nap on my porch in the hammock
  4. Having dinner with my family
  5. Every second I spend with my boyfriend, Tim
  6. Going on walks through the Public Garden and Boston Common
  7. Sitting on the Make Way for Ducklings statue
  8. Going for a swan boat ride
  9. Spending the entire day at the beach
  10. Sitting on the couch with a cup of tea and doing absolutely nothing
  11. Hitting a PR in the gym
  12. Seeing my cousins
  13. Barbecuing at my Cape house
  14. Not setting an alarm
  15. Johnny Depp
  16. Sipping rosé with my girlfriends
  17. Brunch on a patio
  18. Drinks on a rooftop
  19. Re-reading Harry Potter
  20. Cuddling with Sophie
  21. Roadtrips with Tim
  22. Stepping onto the platform in a competition
  23. Dancing the night away
  24. Fro-yo on a warm summer night
  25. Watching the sunset at Rock Harbor
  26. Making dinner with my roommates
  27. Squatting to depth
  28. Going shopping
  29. Organizing…anything really (did my closet last night)
  30. A cold shower on a hot day
  31. New shoes
  32. When I have a good hair day
  33. Phone calls with my mom
  34. Holding a new baby
  35. Cooking for holidays
  36. Going to the chiropractor
  37. Girls night out
  38. Waking up next to Tim
  39. A fruity drink at a beach bar
  40. Netflix binges
  41. Eating crappy food with no guilt
  42. Getting funny snapchats from my brother
  43. When my friends are successful
  44. Taco night
  45. PIZZA
  46. Collapsing in bed after a long day
  47. The sound of a heavy deadlift hitting the floor
  48. Visiting friends who live out of state
  49. Randomly seeing friends on the street
  50. Going to Kane’s Donuts
  51. When my sister asks me for fashion or beauty advice
  52. Spending a night at a dance show
  53. Going to festivals or fairs
  54. Roller coasters
  55. Carving pumpkins
  56. Puppies
  57. Buying new makeup
  58. Going to the movies in Pittsfield
  59. Laughing so hard I can’t breathe
  60. Mini-golfing
  61. Trying a new restaurant or bar
  62. Wearing sundresses
  63. Going to the gym with Tim
  64. Emails from my coach
  65. Visiting my grandfather
  66. Watching my siblings in their sports or plays
  67. Cheering on the Patriots
  68. Group chats with my cousins
  69. Watching movies all day during a snowstorm
  70. Collecting seashells
  71. Walking around Provincetown
  72. Dressing up for a night out
  73. Buying new workout clothes
  74. Walking along the Charles River
  75. Sleeping in
  76. Taking Sophie on hikes
  77. Finding a new show to watch
  78. Trying a new recipe
  79. Planning my future wedding on Pinterest (no, I’m not engaged)
  80. Spending hours in TJ Maxx/Home Goods/Target
  81. Going apple picking
  82. Redecorating
  83. Donating old clothes
  84. Seeing my clients’ progress
  85. Scrolling through instagram in bed
  86. Listening to Tim’s college stories
  87. Going to Red Sox games with my dad
  88. A summer night or afternoon at Fenway
  89. Going kayaking and paddleboarding on the Cape
  90. Going on double or triple dates
  91. Weddings
  92. Painting my nails
  93. Walking down Newbury Street
  94. Hearing from someone I haven’t talked to in awhile
  95. Watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise/Pretty Little Liars
  96. Cupcakes
  97. Christmas Eve at my house
  98. Memorial Day Weekend and July 4 on the Cape
  99. Marathon Monday
  100. Fenway Franks
  101. A sunny day
  102. Seeing a rainbow
  103. Visiting Ithaca
  104. Decorating the Christmas tree
  105. Going on a tropical vacation
  106. Halloween
  107. Fall foliage
  108. Playing with dogs in the Boston Common dog park
  109. Curling my hair
  110. Grilled cheese sandwiches

What makes you happy? Make a list of your own, and do some emotional spring cleaning as we head into April!

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