Friday Faves: April 8

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! And Happy April, since I didn’t post last week (every other week now!). I’ve got some great info for you this week, and my first ever client spotlight, so let’s get right to it!

Favorite Health & Fitness Articles

Strength Training is Fat Loss Training via Bret Contreras

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Rock the Boat via Tony Gentilcore

4 Reasons Your Workout Isn’t Working For You via Girls Gone Strong

Master the Sumo Deadlift via Jordan Syatt for T-Nation

The Surprising Problem With Calorie Counting Part 1 and Part 2 via Precision Nutrition

9 Essential Components of Program Design for Great Results via Brandon Lavack

Morning Mobility Routine via Todd Bumgardner

April: Alcohol Awareness Month via CMG Health and Fitness

Favorite Non-Fitness Articles

Trust Me, You Don’t Want Her Life via Aimee Clemens for Odyssey Online

“Dear Kim…” via Jacqueline Lunn

Favorite Exercise

Frog Pumps for an awesome glute pump and major glute gains!! I have all my clients doing these, and I sneak them in on my off days for an extra pump

Favorite New Recipe

Last weekend I made flourless brownies using PB2. I found the recipe on someone’s instagram, and then found the actual recipe so I could try them!! I already had all the ingredients in my kitchen, so it worked out perfectly. They came out pretty good, actually. Much better than I was expecting. They were a little flat, but that’s what you get when you don’t use flour! I only had dark chocolate cocoa powder, which is why they came out so dark, but I actually like dark chocolate so I was ok with it! I’ve been mixing these into a little bit of Cake Batter Wink Desserts ice cream all week, it’s a great late-night snack!

The only thing I might change next time I make these is subbing maple syrup for honey. Honey isn’t low-FODMAP, and I’ve been avoiding it for about a year now, so these made me a little bloaty. Otherwise they’re great!!

Currently Netflixing

Charmed and Love. And I absolutely loved The People vs. OJ Simpson. I was young when that all happened, so it was cool to see it portrayed again. Give Sarah Paulson an emmy, seriously.

Currently Reading

Two Down by Tony DiBona. Still working my way through it! So good, and only $0.99 on Amazon if you want to support a local amateur writer!

Favorite Activity

Since it’s been 2 weeks since my last update, Easter! I had a wonderful Easter weekend with my family in Framingham, cooking traditional Italian desserts (not GF, unfortunately), coloring eggs, going to the Easter Vigil Saturday night, and having our annual Easter egg hunt! I won a whole $5!

I was also obsessed with the dress I wore (bell sleeves! Love!), which is from my favorite online boutique Hope’s! Their stuff is a liiiittle pricey sometimes, but they also have great sales. I got this dress for 75% off! Oh, and they always have free shipping #winning

Client Spotlight: Jill

Jill is one of my closest friends, and I’m lucky to be training her for her upcoming wedding this October! I’m also a bridesmaid, which is going to be super fun!!

Last January, Jill broke her humerus in an ice skating accident. After waiting 12 weeks for it to heal with no improvements, she ended up having surgery to insert pins on April 1. When the surgeon went in, he discovered that scar tissue had built up and was preventing her from healing fully. He had to scrape the scar tissue away, and that resulted in damage to her radial nerve. She had to wear a wrist brace (couldn’t hold up her wrist, or do a thumbs up) from April to September for all daily activities. In September, she just wore it when she was working out.

Last week, she didn’t wear her brace at all for two workouts, and hasn’t worn it all this week either!! She’s increased her weights every week and is continuing grow stronger every day. She’s been losing weight, leaning out, and looking amazing! She doesn’t restrict anything in her diet, but does flexible dieting and still gets to eat her favorite foods.

She’s improved so much in only 2 months of working with me, and I can’t wait to see her continue. I know she’ll have a ton of success, and I’m super excited to share her before and after pics in a few months! Today, I’m just going to leave you with her x-rays so you can get a feel for the injury she suffered. She’s been so positive throughout her entire ordeal, and I’m so proud of her. I’m proud to be her coach, her friend, and her bridesmaid!

Keep killing it Jill! You got this!!

Left: The break in January. Right: Post-surgery in April.

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