Friday Faves 9/16



Happy Friday everyone!!

I hope everyone had an amazing week! I was super busy at work this week, because it was State Street “Wellness Week”. We had a bunch of events happening all week-I gave 3 workshops, a learn to deadlift demo, and we had the CCB Fitness Games going on all week! Our members have been putting in some serious work with all the events. It’s great to see people participating and challenging themselves.

I have a lot of great information for you as always, so let’s get into it!

Favorite Health/Fitness Articles

11 Things I’ve Learned Coaching Elite and Professional Athletes by Dr. John Berardi for Precision Nutrition
The Hierarchy of Fat Loss by Jen Comas for GGS
The Sticking Point in the Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift by Justin Kompf
Tip: Drop Blocks for Maximum Growth by Christian Thibaudeau for Tnation
Exercises You Should Be Doing: Supine Straight Leg Hip Extension with Alternate Hip Flexion by Tony Gentilcore
These Legs Were Made For Lifting by Artemis Scantalides
The Five Pound Fuss by Garrett Wood
4 Gym Gadgets That Are Wasting Your Time by Dr. John Rusin for Tnation
September: Fruits and Veggies Month by Chrissy Giorgetti (me!)

Favorite Exercise

TRX Hinge Row. I learned this from my friend Jordan Syatt. When he was coaching me, he always put these in my programs. They’re different than regular TRX Rows because this variation allows for more scapular upward rotation, which is important for shoulder health! In a regular row, we often leave the shoulders locked in place, rather than allowing them to move through that upward rotation.

Favorite Recipe

I’ve been so lazy in the kitchen lately and haven’t tried any new recipes! Just sticking to old favorites these past few weeks. I do have a couple that I’m dying to try so HOPEFULLY I’ll get my act together next week and have some good ones to share with you!

Favorite Activities

I had a great Labor Day Weekend on Cape Cod with my family and Tim! There were hurricane threats all weekend but it actually was so nice except for Monday. The beaches were so crazy, though, because of the storm! The waves were huge and they weren’t allowing anyone to swim on Sunday! Check out the pics-never seen waves that big on the Cape!

Last weekend was so jam-packed, I felt like I never stopped doing stuff! Friday night Tim and I went to a party hosted by my friend Garrett. Garrett and I have been “internet friends” (facebook, insta) for over a year, and even though we live in the same city we had yet to meet in person! We finally did and I had so much fun! The party was out on the rooftop of her building, which is beautiful and has great views of the city.

Saturday Tim and I had lunch with my cousin and her boyfriend to catch up, and then went out to the South End for a going-away party for one of Tim’s friends. Ryan has been staying at his uncles’ condo in the South End before he moves to Tampa at the end of the month. The condo was gorgeous-my favorite part was the amazing roof deck with breathtaking views. I’ve honestly never seen anything like it. The sunset was amazing and we had such a good time hanging out with all Tim’s college friends.

And of course, football started Sunday. Much of the day was spent on the couch (as most of our Sundays from now on will be), but in the late afternoon/early evening, Tim and I went on a sunset boat cruise on the Charles. Another amazing night looking at views of Boston! It was such a nice  night and the trip was so relaxing. We were a little early for the sunset, but I had to make sure we would be back in time for the Patriots!

Currently Reading

I found Angels and Demons at my Cape house, and even though I’ve read it before I started it on the beach one day and just couldn’t put it down! I’m almost done now, and then I’m going to re-read Inferno in anticipation of the movie coming out soon.

Currently Netflixing

Scandal and Narcos season 2! Only one episode into Narcos so far, can’t wait to continue!

I’m also in that weird in-between where most of my shows are off-air. Pretty Little Liars (my guilty pleasure) has one more season coming this winter then it’s over! I can’t believe it’s actually ending! So sad!

And of course, Nick’s season of The Bachelor hasn’t started yet. I’m still on the fence about it. Unclear if I will watch.

BUT American Horror Story is back!!!! I haven’t watched it yet, but I am so excited to start it!


Don’t forget about my September challenge! You could win a FREE month of training with me! Check out my previous article for all the info!



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