Friday Faves 9/30

Happy Friday and Happy last day of September!!!! I am so excited because October is my absolute favorite month. The weather is perfect, the leaves are changing, everything is pumpkin flavored, and of course my favorite holiday is at the end of the month…HALLOWEEN! Woo woo! Can’t wait!

Here’s a sneak peek of my October page in my bullet journal! Designed and drawn by yours truly 🙂


Lots of great info for you but before we get started I just want to remind anyone that participated in my September challenge to please email me your results! Remember, every month I’ll have a new challenge that will tie in to that month’s theme. Each month I’ll draw someone who will win a free month of training with me!

Favorite Health/Fitness Articles

Perfect Supersets for Strength, Muscle, and Spinal Health by Dr. John Rusin
8 Abdominal Exercises for Powerlifters by Ivy Knight
Food is Not a Reward. Fitness is Not a Punishment. by Neghar Fonooni
Interview with Gary Vaynerchuck’s Personal Trainer Jordan Syatt by Dynamic Duo Training
The Diet Book No One Will Write by Adam Bornstein
Can Personal Trainers Give Nutrition Advice? by Dr. John Berardi
4 “Facts” of Powerlifting by Ivy Knight
What Women Should Eat To Build Muscle by Dr. Cassandra Forsynthe
Strength for Women by Jordan Syatt
Is Online Training Right For You? by Chrissy Giorgetti (me!)

Favorite Non-Fitness Articles

The ABCs of Ithaca College – this made me super nostalgic about my time at IC! Today’s the first day of Applefest, so I’m missing Ithaca a little extra today
The Troubling Truth About Overnight Instagram Success – a friend of mine posted this article. Such an important topic!

Favorite Recipe

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I love everything pumpkin spice. Last year, my friend Garrett shared her recipe for pumpkin protein muffins. I obviously made them immediately and fell in love. I’m pretty sure I made a batch every week for like 2 months straight. Well, I dusted off the recipe and went back at it again this week with my roommate! We used cinnamon bun protein powder which was like, out-of-this-world incredible! Check out the recipe here. I HIGHLY suggest trying these you guys!!

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Favorite Exercise

TRX Hip Abduction is a great core exercise that I’ve been using at the end of my workouts. You’ll also get some booty action! Check out my Facebook page for a full description. I highlighted this exercise in this week’s TRX Tuesday post there!

Favorite Activity

My first “falltivity” happened last weekend-we had our annual apple picking girl’s outing! I went with three of my best friends, Ari, Michaela, and Shari. This is the third year in a row we’ve all gone together! Although I cannot eat apples because of the FODMAP diet, I still enjoy spending the day outside in an apple orchard and helping my friends find perfect apples. I also can’t eat cider donuts anymore, but I grabbed a bag for Tim and my brother! It was a perfect fall day and we had a great time! I can’t wait for our next falltivity, happening this weekend…pumpkin painting!

Currently Reading

I’m re-reading Inferno by Dan Brown in anticipation of the movie coming out soon. Can’t wait for it! Also can’t wait for Girl on the Train to come out next week, Tim and I both loved that book and will be seeing the movie!

Currently Netfllixing

Still working my way through Scandal! I’m also caught up on American Horror Story, finally. I am loving this season so far!

October Challenge

I know it’s not *technically* October yet, but I wanted to get the challenge out there. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Your challenge this month is to do one thing to help raise awareness for breast cancer. This can be anything from doing a walk, volunteering your time at a cancer center, donating to an organization, making hats for cancer patients, or donating your hair (hint hint I’m doing this after Halloween!) Send me proof of what you did or how you  helped raise awareness, and you’ll be entered into the raffle for free training!


See you in two weeks! Have a great start to October, everyone!

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