Friday Faves 10/14

Happy Friday everyone!! We’re halfway through October, which actually makes me sad because October is my favorite month of the year!

Keep reading for a lot of great info, including a new set of progress photos from me!

Favorite Health/Fitness Articles

Healthy Eating Does Not Have To Suck video by Jordan Syatt
My Top 5 Powerlifting Mistakes by Eric Cressey
Why Your Weight Fluctuates by Jen Comas
The Absolute Worst Fitness Trend by T Nation Experts
Textbook Technique and Why It Doesn’t Exist by Tony Gentilcore
Loving Yourself Through Life and Lifting by Katey Black
October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month by Chrissy Giorgetti (me!)

Favorite Exercise

Long-Lever Low Tension Planks, which is a great progression to the regular plank. If you’re finding that regular planks are getting too easy, try the long-lever version. Start out in a standard plank, and then slowly move your feet back while keeping your elbows in place. This extends the lever and increases anterior core activation. The “low-tension” part means relaxing the entire body EXCEPT the abs. This part was really hard for me at first. The more relaxed you are, the harder the plank will be!


Favorite Recipe

This past weekend when I was out in Webster, MA getting ready for my friend’s wedding (details below!), her mom made this AMAZING kale salad for dinner one night. I love kale and I eat it a lot, but I had never had a salad that was this delicious. I seriously wanted to eat the entire thing and probably would have had there not been like 8 other people eating it! LOL!

It’s so easy to make, so fall-y, and so versatile! You can use all different types of ingredients and dressings. For example, the first night we used poppyseed dressing and the second night we used raspberry vinaigrette and added chopped pecans. This was my favorite version of the weekend, I think.

Chopped Kale Salad:

1 bag of chopped kale salad mix
Dried cranberries
Chopped pecans
Raspberry vinaigrette dressing

Mix all ingredients and toss with dressing! Tastes best if you let it sit and soak in the dressing for a few minutes before serving. I added grilled chicken to mine and it was soooooo yummy. Thank you Christa for introducing this to me!!

Favorite Activity

I mentioned above, one of my closest friends got married this past weekend! I was a bridesmaid, and it was such a great weekend and a beautiful wedding. You may recognize Jill, she’s one of my clients! I’m so happy I could help her get ready for her big day. Trust me when I say, she was an absolutely breathtaking bride! Jill and Chad-I wish you all the happiness and love in your  new life together. So happy for you and so honored I got to stand up there with you guys!


This weekend I’m heading to Tim’s hometown of Pittsfield, MA for a quick visit with his parents and dog! For those who don’t know, Pittsfield is about as west as you can go in MA! I love going out there. It’s so peaceful and pretty, and I’m hoping we get to see some awesome fall foliage!

Currently Reading

Still working on Inferno. I need book recommendations! If you have any comment or let me know!!

Currently Watching

I’m on the last season of Scandal, finally! Should be finishing up soon! Also watching American Horror Story annnnnd Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? started this week. It seems kind of dumb and Ben and Lauren are still soooo boring but the new season of The Bachelor hasn’t started yet so I guess this will do until then!

My Personal Progress Update

I took another set of progress photos last week, and as usual will be posting them here and here only. I feel like I’m working backwards a little bit…definitely a little fluffier in this round of photos but, my weight hasn’t changed much more than 2-3 lbs. I’m currently sitting at 115-118 lbs (depending on the day). The first picture in the photo sets below I was more like 113-115. I typically gain a little towards the end of summer and into the fall due to vacations, events, and an increase in pumpkin flavored products, lol. Fall is usually pretty busy for me! I’m also dealing with some stomach and bloating issues again, which I’m working on with my doctor. I can’t go a day without bloating, no matter what I eat, so we’re thinking it might not be related to food. I was definitely a little bloated when I took these pictures. The bloat is visible in the side view pictures, especially in my lower abdominals.

I’m not worried about this very small amount of weight gain, because DAMN LOOK AT MY LEGS! I swear, it all went to my butt and quads! I’m very  happy with the growth I’ve seen so far. I will be making a more conscious effort with my diet so I can hopefully tighten up my core again through the winter. I’m not actively cutting or bulking, just kinda doing whatever. I’ll have a post coming soon about why I don’t count calories, but I do pay attention to what I eat and make an effort to keep it clean 80% of the time. Check out my pictures below!

img_9562img_9563img_9561 Left pictures are June 2016, middle pictures are August 2016, and right pictures are October 2016. I take pictures every other month because I feel my changes take a little bit longer to be seen.


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