The “12 Days of Fitness” Workout

Here we are! 12 days away from Christmas. Can you believe it?

This time of year tends to result in extra weight gain due to a larger number of parties and celebrations. It’s also an extremely busy time. You might not have the time to stick to your regular gym schedule.

That’s where this workout comes in! This total body workout requires no equipment, and is fairly quick, so you can do it in the comfort of your own home whenever you have the time.

If you’re familiar with the Christmas song, “12 Days of Christmas”, this workout is performed the exact same way. So you’ll start with one, then do two-one, then do three-two-one, etc!

Have fun and work hard!

The “12 Days of Fitness” Workout

ONE 30-second plank
TWO jumping jacks
THREE squats
FOUR push-ups
FIVE full sit-ups
SIX lunges (each leg)
SEVEN triceps dips
EIGHT burpees
NINE calf raises
TEN glute bridges
ELEVEN supermans
TWELVE mountain climbers (each leg)



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