April Faves

Happy Friday all! After doing some thinking about this blog, I’ve decided that I’m going to do a monthly “faves” post from now on, instead of a bi-weekly one. My life is just not that interesting! LOL! Actually, the real reason is because I’m working on lots of new projects that I want to focus my energy on. From now on, these will typically come out on the last day of the month….this one is a few days late but oh well!

I’m moving on Saturday, so I’ve been super busy packing and getting ready for the big move. I’m moving to South Boston and am going to be living with Tim for the first time! I’m so excited. Tim moved in 2 weeks ago, so I’ve stayed there a few times already. It takes me 4 minutes to walk to work from our new place, which is so clutch. This means no more waking up at 4am to get to work! And I’ll be saving some $$ on my train pass, since I’ll only need it on the days I go to BU! Moving sucks, but hopefully all will go well and I can start obsessing over where I want to put everything and my décor. Fun fact about me: if I didn’t major in exercise science in college, I would have done interior design!

Favorite Health/Fitness Articles

Are Big Muscles “Scary”?  by Neghar Fonooni
Three Steps for Prepping (and Loving) Your Veggies by James Heathers and Jennifer Nickle
Getting Started With Strength Training by Jen Comas
I’m Not Going to Tell You to Love Your Cellulite by Brit Rand
Dumbbells Are Better Than Barbells for Pec Development by Tony Gentilcore

My April Articles

Nutrition Tips for Beginners
TRX Training for Dancers

Recipes I Tried in April

Sesame-Ginger Chicken Stir-Fry: I actually didn’t follow a recipe for this, and just kind of winged it. Basically, I chopped chicken into bite-sized pieces and cooked them in olive oil, ginger, sesame seeds, and a little bit of gluten-free soy sauce. I made brown rice, and got a bag of “Asian Mix” microwave veggies. These were broccoli, baby corn, carrots, and snap peas. I literally LOVE this mixture, I buy it and use it often! It’s not only for Asian-inspired dishes! I then mixed everything together (chicken+rice+veggies), and portioned it out. I made this exact meal for 2 preps in a row because it was that good!

Favorite April Exercise

I tried this crazy TRX move that I saw on TRX Training’s instagram page. It was hard! But I’ve been working it into my finishers for the past few weeks and I think I’m getting better…definitely fun to learn new moves and challenge myself!

What I’m Reading

Honestly, I’ve been so busy I haven’t had any time to read at all! And I’m still on the wait list for 13 Reasons Why (the book), so hopefully I’ll get that soon! I’ve heard the book is very different, so I will keep you updated!

What I’m Watching

The Challenge, Riverdale, Scandal, and Pretty Little Liars (final season! Sad!) are my go-tos right now. Need a new Netflix show-suggestions, anyone?!

What I’ve Been Up To

Easter Weekend: I spent Friday and Saturday of Easter on the Cape with Tim and his family. It was beautiful, and we went for a really nice walk on the beach with his dog, Sophie! I went back to Framingham Saturday night for the Easter Vigil mass with my family, and then we did our usual Easter brunch on Sunday. It was a little bittersweet, because my aunt and uncle sold their home, so it was the last holiday we’d have there!

Marathon Monday: I had a great time watching my cousin Lisa and her boyfriend Mark (along with their best friend Steph) run their very first marathon! They absolutely killed it! They trained so hard for it, and I am so proud of all three of them! The Boston Marathon is such an inspiring day, we all got a little emotional!

Grahamtucket 2017: The last weekend in April, Tim and I traveled to Nantucket for our friends, Matt and Lauren’s wedding. Tim was a groomsman, so we arrived Friday morning. While Tim did groomsman stuff, I spent the day with my freshman year of college roommate Michelle. Michelle lives on Nantucket so I got a little private tour of the island (it was my first trip there!). It was so great to see her and catch up! Saturday was the wedding, and it was such a great time! Lauren was the most beautiful bride, and I am so happy for her and Matt! I actually woke up sore from dancing so much at the reception…I only sat in my seat to eat dinner, and other than that I was on the dance floor! It was also great to see all of Tim’s UMass friends, who he doesn’t get to see that often. It was a great weekend full of love and happiness!

Client Spotlight: Jill

Jill has had unbelievable progress since we started working together. She works so hard and it shows. Consistency, hard work, and patience are key to fat loss. These progress photos are 15 months of that! Read Jill’s success story below!

“Moving this week and wanted to give a shout-out to the best trainer and fitness coach, Chrissy Giorgetti of CMG Health & Fitness (because of all the lifting I accomplished in this move!).

When I broke my arm, I gained over 10lbs, lost significant muscle tone and had to wait out the recovery of nerve damage, so PT was great but it didn’t get me back fully- I could barely hold on to weights, and was using 1-2lb dumbbells to strengthen my wrists. That’s when I asked Chrissy to help me with some wrist and forearm strengthening exercises, and instead she went above and beyond to write me an entire, full-body workout program and help me get back on track with healthy eating habits. Not that I was eating poorly, she just helped me clean up my food choices to more whole grains, and more green leafys. And this isn’t a meal plan or a restricted diet- I still eat dessert, drink socially and munch on snacks (just ask Chad!).

I’ve been working with Chrissy now for over a year (15mo) and the difference she’s made in my life is paramount.

– I started at 15lb kettlebell deadlifts, and just hit a new PR of 160lbs.
– I graduated from 10lb RDLs to my new record of 85lb sumo RDLs
– I laugh at my first barbell bench press weight of 30lbs, because now I bench 75lbs
– Barbell squats are equally impressive, from 45lbs to start and now at a new PR of 125lbs
– Wrist issues? No problems now- I can do 55lb farmer carries (each hand!)

I’m still working on getting chin-ups without assistance, but now I do them with the medium orange flex band and look forward to using the thin bands soon.

For me, this journey started because I needed to get back into shape. Now, I love going to the gym simply because I want to challenge myself, and I love seeing how much farther I can go!

Make no mistake, it does take time to get fit and maintain muscle tone. But the proof is in the (protein) pudding, people- work hard, stay dedicated to you and you’ll be amazed at what you can do. Much love, girl!”


Ladies, Jill is living proof that you should not be scared of using weights! She didn’t get big and bulky, she got lean and toned! If you’d like to chat about one-on-one online training, don’t hesitate to reach out. Jill lives about an hour and a half from me….we’ve never actually worked out together in person! Online coaching works for her and it could work for you! To learn more about the services I offer, you can email me at christinegiorgetti@gmail.com or leave me a comment on this post!

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