The Best Workout Clothes for Girls on a Budget

As tempting as it is to buy full matching outfits at Lululemon, sometimes it’s just not in your budget (also Lululemon leggings are TRASH, I will fight anyone on this). So where can you get good quality workout clothes that not only look cute, but make you feel good AND stand up to your workouts?
Luckily, ya girl has always ben a bargain shopper and I refuse to pay a ton of money for clothes that I’m just gonna sweat in! I’ve compiled a list of all the places I find myself going back to again and again for high-quality, cute, and durable workout clothes.


TJ Maxx/Marshall’s

Hands down the best place to get workout gear. Not only do they have prices as low as $5.99 for sports bras (umm..hell yes), but they have actual well-known brands too! I got a pair of Reebok leggings for $16.99, Betsey Johnson Leggings for $19.99, and an Under Armour sports bra for $12.99! I typically can’t go into one of these stores without leaving with at least one item. I would say that 80% of my gym-clothes wardrobe has come from TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. I’ve had most of the items I’ve gotten here for YEARS-they’ve stood up to heavy lifting workouts, running workouts, yoga, and being washed a million times. Quality is there.
FullSizeRender (29)
These are TJ Maxx pants, and they’re reversible! 2 pairs in 1!

Old Navy Active

Old Navy leggings are GREAT. They are thick, comfortable, and come in lots of cute patterns and colors. The only issue I’ve ever had is sometimes the fit is weird. I recently bought a pair of cropped leggings and a pair of full-length leggings, both in my normal size, and they fit totally differently. So definitely try-on before you buy here. But the prices are good and are nearly always on sale. They also have great tops and jackets here too!
FullSizeRender (30)
I got a ton of compliments on these Old Navy leggings!


I’ve recently become obsessed with buying clothes on Amazon (gym and regular). You can’t beat the prices and if you have Prime, the free 2-day shipping is amazing! Amazon has brands you’ll recognize at a fraction of the price. There’s also brands you may not know for dirt cheap. These camo leggings? $11. Pro-tip for Amazon clothes shopping: always read the reviews if it’s a weird brand you’ve never heard of. If there are no reviews, pass on it.
Camo leggings from Amazon…also reversible! Plain black on the other side!


I have a couple items from Fabletics. One of my favorite pairs of  leggings is from Fabletics. A few years ago when they were a newer company, I did the special they were offereing, where you could buy a full outfit for $25. The bottoms are great but I haven’t had much luck with the tops. If you join their VIP program, it’s $39.99 a month for a full outfit. Beware: when you sign up you are automatically in this program. If you don’t buy something or skip the month by the 5th of each month, you’ll get charged. I learned this the hard way, and ended up with over $100 in credit because I didn’t know you had to skip the month to avoid being charged. It’s pretty tough to get out of the VIP program, I spent a lot of time on the phone with customer service. HOWEVER….the clothes I did buy with that credit I really love. Fabletics bottoms are not see-through, most are wicking, and they’re super soft and comfortable. This one is on the higher end price-wise, but $39.99 for a full outfit (bottoms, bra, top) actually isn’t bad.
FullSizeRender (28)
These are my favorite pants to lift in!


Obviously one of the pricier options on this list, but Athleta blows Lululemon out of the water when it comes to quality. The leggings are better, the tops are better, and the jackets are better. I don’t have any Athleta sports bras, so I can’t attest to the quality of those. But, if you’re looking for a ~designer~ brand, this one is the way to go. You can usually get pretty good deals, especially at the end of the season when they’re trying to get rid of inventory. Also, Athleta is owned by the same company as Old Navy!

Reebok Trainer Program

If you are a personal trainer, you need to sign-up for Reebok’s trainer program. You’ll get 25% off every purchase, and free shipping and returns if you order online. If I didn’t have that discount, Reebok wouldn’t be on this list because it is one of the pricier brands. But, with the discount I get from being a Reebok trainer, it ends up fitting into my budget. I don’t buy often, but the items I have bought are super high quality, comfortable, and cute!
My most recent Reebok purchase
I will say, the best leggings I currently own are Zella leggings. Zella is a designer brand that is sold at Nordstrom. I actually got my pair during the Nordstom sale in August, for $35. And honestly, I still thought that price was a tad high. But once they came in the mail and I put them on, I was hooked. They are seriously so soft, comfortable, thick, and hug in all the right places. I think they normally run between $50-$100, but if you can get them on sale they’re completely worth it.
I know it’s tempting to go into those high-end, designer stores and buy super cute workout clothes, but trust me, you don’t need anything fancy. You need clothes that will stand up to your workouts again and again, leggings are aren’t see-through and won’t pill after one wash (ahem…LULULEMON), and clothes that are comfortable and breathable. It doesn’t hurt if they’re cute too! I always find my workouts are better if I like my outfit 🙂

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