2017 “Maintain, Don’t Gain” Challenge

How many of you have a hard time keeping up with your healthy habits during the holiday season? Do you tell yourself you’ll just pick back up in January?


I’m super excited to introduce the 2017 “Maintain, Don’t Gain” Challenge through CMG Health & Fitness!

This is an 8-week incentive challenge focusing on sustained fitness, nutrition, and wellness through the holiday season. Through an exclusive and private facebook group, you’ll participate in weekly challenges, weekly workouts, and receive fitness and nutrition education from me throughout the entire 8 weeks. You’ll be able to interact with other challengers and work together to motivate each other.

This is NOT a weight loss challenge (but you may experience some weight loss!)

This is an accountability challenge! I’m challenging you to make time for your health and fitness throughout the busy holiday season, when many of us “fall off the wagon”.


This challenge is open to EVERYONE-all ages, all fitness levels welcome!


Sign-ups begin November 1. Challenge starts November 20 and ends January 12, 2018


$50 per person


First place male and female will receive a $50 cash prize (you get your money back!)

Second place male and female will receive a $25 cash prize

Third place male and female will receive a $15 cash prize


Access to a gym is NOT required

Access to Facebook is NOT required

Previous gym experience is NOT required

A positive attitude IS required 🙂

So….how do you win? You’ll receive points throughout the challenge for participating in the weekly challenges, the bonus challenges, the weekly workouts, and more. You’ll do weekly weigh-ins and have the option of taking progress photos. While it is encouraged to interact on the Facebook page, you do NOT have to post any of your progress unless you want to. Everything will be sent directly to me via email, and you can choose whether or not to share it with the other challengers!

Upon sign-up, you’ll receive access to the Facebook group, your challenge packet and tracking sheet, and a healthy recipe handbook with some of my favorite and most popular healthy recipes.

Are you up for the Challenge? Email me TODAY to sign-up! Be sure to put “Maintain, Don’t Gain Challenge” in the subject line! christinegiorgetti@gmail.com

I can’t wait to get started!

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